I have traveled abroad and have had many lovely experiences, but this one was excepcional. I’m already missing the energy here at Casa Koko ...until we meet again.
— Lisa T. (May 31st to June 21st, 2018)
Every detail was perfectly orchestrated to deliver our family and our guests an extraordinary experience. Casa Koko has mastered the art and science of hospitality.
— Mary Jo S. (Dec 27th, 2017 to Jan 5th, 2018)
This was easily the most extraordinary experience I have had in my life. I hope I get to share it with Casa Koko again one day.
— Jordan K. (Apr 15th to Apr 22nd, 2018)
I loved my time at Casa Koko. All of the staff were awesome. If you asked for fruit, you got a platter of beautifully sliced fruit, and a smiling staff member handed it to you. The food was delicious yet each day was something new. It was the best food I’ve ever had on a vacation. The staff were all great and super nice. Thank you all for an extraordinary vacation!
— Roome B. (Mar 12th to Mar 17th, 2018)
Felt like luxury hotel and a small family community, all in one.
— Kevin C. (May 9th to May 12th, 2018)
A beautiful feeling of welcome and hospitality!  Special requests were encouraged and met with the warmest of accommodation. What a fabulous experience that was punctuated with food beyond measure. Truly memories that will last a lifetime and the standard of exceptional hospitality that all others will be measured!
— Jennifer B. (Nov 29th to Dec 3rd, 2017)
It was a perfect casa, perfect staff... everything was wonderful! We are definitely returning soon!!!  LOVED every second of our stay
— Melinda C. (Nov 29th to Dec 3rd, 2017)
Honestly it was perfect. The staff anticipated our every need, the house was perfectly clean, and the home itself was a perfect 10!
— Ben W. (Feb 28th to Mar 4th, 2018)
After 7 days we still didn’t have our fill of the beautiful views, great food, and attentive staff. Highly recommend. Luigi was wonderful.
— Scott R. (Apr 15th to Apr 22th, 2018)
Luigi (the House Manager) was our main interaction with the staff and did a fantastic job. We could also tell that there was a wonderful team feeling through the staff making it feel almost like a family affair
— Karl E. (May 14th to May 18th, 2018)
The experience at Casa Koko was exceptional, from the moment we arrived right up until our (unfortunate!) departure. We couldn’t ask for anything more!
— Jim & Camille M. (Nov 29th to Dec 3rd, 2017)
Luigi, the House Manager, is a very special person. You are very fortunate to have someone like him! His team prepared delightful meals and cocktails each day. They were all so cordial and always had a smile!
— Bill D. (Dec 27th, 2017 to Jan 5th, 2018)
A spectacular experience! Every member of the staff contributed to an outstanding vacation. We cannot wait to return!!
— Carrie B. (Mar 12th to Mar 17th, 2018)
This experience was Class A!
— Susan W. (Dec 18th to Dec 27th, 2017)
The staff were extremely friendly and always there to help! The waiters (Victor, Isaiah and Edgar) are super!
— Rich S. (Dec 27th, 2017 to Jan 5th, 2018)